From last Friday to Wednesday I was in Berlin to attend the combined 2024 KDE Goals sprint that was graciously hosted by MBition. Compared to previous goals sprints where there were separate sprints Goal this year was different as all three happened at once in the same area. This allowed attendees to freely switch around the different topics and enables more collaboration opportunities. Lets see how that worked out for me.

Most of my time I actually spent in the context of the accessibility goal. I became part of a discussion of how QML comboboxes in general and the Kirigami Add-ons date picker is lacking in the accessibility departement. As the discussion went to how the default representation of a standard combobox could be improved, the question was raised if it would still be possible to do something special for customized comboboxes. This lead to prototyping on the date picker with the first approach being to forego the built in support in QtQuick and implement the relevant interfaces manually like one would do for QtWidgets. This was a lot of boring boilerplate code but it proved that this option is available for very specialized use cases. The solution we came up with in the end for our use cases was to provide the required properties and roles in a proxy Item that exposes the actual controls to the accessibility tools.

On the automatization front I was involved in creating two new CI checks. The first one is a reuse lint check that only checks new files for compliance which enables older projects to enforce coverage at least for new files. The second was an idea that came up during sprint that we could detect untranslated strings in QML files as these are usually to text properties. While it will never catch all cases during testing we found already some problematic cases in Plasma repositories. We discussed also some other points from the idea list such as a cherry-pick bot like the Qt Project uses and automatic updating the fix version field on bugzilla but these innocuous looking problems have some corner cases which require some more thought.

To the Sustainable Software goal I contributed the least. But together with Aleix and Joseph we debugged why the VNC setup of the KDE Eco Lab machine did not work anymore and fixed it. So in the end I interacted with all three goals.

The combined sprint was a nice experience and facilitated many discussion about the Goals but as always also about other KDE topics as is unavoidable when KDE community members are put together in a room. However I feel while it enabled people to jump around the different goals I am wary that in my opinion this setup removes a bit of focus from each goal compared to dedicated sprints.

Thanks to Mbition for hosting us and as a reminder your donations to KDE e.V make sprints such as these possible.